Whatsapp Tricks and Tips you should know 

  • How to create 'BOLD', 'Italics' , 'Mono Space' Text

The first and useful whatsapp tricks of 2019 which is well known now a days and many people get known of that is making your whatsapp text bold,italics,mono space etc. You can use it on whatsapp web as well as on whatsapp mobile application.
If you want to make your text bold that looks prominent you just need to do thta put '*' (asterisk) on the both side of the texy you want to make bold like if you want to make 'Hello' word bold just text it like that *Hello* the results will be Hello. Same cases are with italics and monospace.
In case of italics just put '_' underscore on the both sides of the text just like that _Hello_ the results will be Hello. 
In case of monospace you just have to that just put three grave accents ``` on the both sides of the text like ```Hello```.
Another way of doing all of these tricks is that just select the desired word you want to make changes upon by holding it and when it gets highlighted just go into options and there you find various moves that can be applied on the text.

  • Quote a message in your response or reply a particular message.

This Whats app trick is just a new update and many people have a knowledge about it. but it is interesting and very useful. In some case you got a bundle of message from one user that you have to reply each question by its desired answer without having a atmosphere of confusion.
For this whatsapp trick you just need to right swipe the text you want to reply and it will appear on the top of the text field.

  • Get rid of bundle of data usage.

No doubt whatsapp is very useful and most downloaded app of 21st century but sometimes you have to bear a loss of a bundle of data if your are using data pack. 
To get rid of this bundle of wastage of data you just need to go to Settings>Data and Storage usage>Low data usage.
Enjoy it!!!!

  • Stats of the network usage.

To get stats of the network usage of your whatapp that how many a number of bytes or mbs you used in Calls,Media,Google Drive, Messages, Status.
For this purpose you just need to go to Settings>Data and Storage usage>Network Useage.

  • Stats of the Storage usage.

To get known about the storage usage that which contact of yours occupying how much storage of your device
For this purpose you just need to go to Settings>Data and Storage usage>Storage Useage.

  • Export chat logs to yourself or (someone else)

Whatsapp already backup your chat to your selected email address that you can restore in case of losing data or reinstalling whatsapp.
But there is also another trick that can be used to save a backup of your chat with a particular contact or all contact by emailing your chat to desired email address.
To do this you just need to navigate your self to Settings>Chats>Chat History.