Android Hacks & Tricks for Mobile[2019]

Are you interested in making hacks and applying useful tricks to your Android Mobile Phone?

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Track your Android Smartphone

Ever lost a phone? if yes, then you might have had an awful experience like I did after losing my phone at the restaurant. At times, we misplace our phones and the worst part is if we kept them on silent, then there’s no other way you can get it back except using Google’s Find My Phone app.
To Download this amazing app there is link Click here. and apply an amazing trick to your android phone.
The best part with Android is that if you added a Google Account to your Android device, then Find My Device is automatically turned on. So, whenever you lose your device, just head over to in any browser and log in with the same google account. Now, you can see the location of your device and can further erase all the data remotely, lock it down with a message or make it ring loud (even if it’s in silent mode), provided that your lost device has access to the internet and location is on.
This is the most useful one app of Google it self and a facility to its android users.

See back the Notifications you Swiped Away

Ever cleared all your notifications in a hurry without reading them properly? Yeah, I know that happens quite often and later comes the realization that you might have missed something important, maybe something from an app which you don’t know, in such case will you waste your time opening every app to recheck notifications? Well, we have a solution for that as well.
Simply long press and hold on your home screen to show up the screen-adjusting mode. Now, tap on widgets and look for the Settings shortcut widget which should look like a basic settings gear. Next, drag it to somewhere on your home screen which will be followed by a popup list allowing you to choose from essential shortcuts like accessibility, app info, battery, devices, battery, memory, etc. Just search for the option named “notification log” and select it.
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Use your LED flash and Camera for Heart Rate monitoring

Yes, it is possible to monitor your pulse rate without the use of any fitness tracker or devices with a dedicated heart rate monitor. At once, it might seem like a gimmick or joke for you but it does actually work to a certain extent.
Now, there are many apps available which let you track your pulse rate. The ones which actually work require your finger to be placed on the LED flash after which the app uses the camera to track color changes under your skin to monitor the amount of blood passing through.
Given that this is software dependent, don’t expect much accuracy and make sure that the LED flash on your phone doesn’t reside too far from the camera lens.
One recommanded application for this purpose is Instant Heart Rate App here is the download link for Android Click Here.
Here we go!!!! This problem is also solved and there is another Android Hack or Trick.

 Use the Navigation-Buttons as App shortcuts

Ever thought of using the navigation bar for something more than just going home, closing apps and opening recent apps? 
You can remap your keys to assign apps based on your actions like double tapping the either of home, recent and back button. I did it for deploying double tap the home button to trigger the camera app and double tap the recent buttons app to open Gmail. Moreover, you can also customize your volume and headset buttons for the same cause.
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Install Linux on your Android Phone without Root

You might be surprised to know that it is literally possible to open the Linux interface and command prompt on your Android phone. Now, installing a Linux on Android has always been a tedious task and often requires root but here, we do have a way to do that without root or any special knowledge and skills.
To do this, you just have to install the Debian Noroot app from the PlayStore, then just open it like any other application and allow it to download the full package for complete installation. Once loaded fully, you will be welcomed by a mouse-oriented desktop interface where you can download and install certain programs or games just like on any other version of Linux. Nonetheless, there are endless possibilities to be explored in case if you’re bored with your Android.
This is the most useful one app of Google it self and a facility to its android users.
So that was all for now. We will try to keep the article updated. Let us know in the comment section that how many of the hacks and tricks that we listed above you already knew. Also if you have some other tricks in mind then we will love to include them in the article